Rowan I

(TB-8: dp. 182; l. 170'; b. 17'; dr. 6' (mean); s. 26 k.; cpl. 24; a. 4 1-pdrs., 3 18" tt.; cl. Rowan)

The first Rowan (Torpedo Boat No. 8) was laid down on 22 June 1896 by Moran Bros. Co., Seattle Wash., launched 8 April 1898, sponsored by Mrs. Edward Moale, Jr., and commissioned on 1 April 1899, Lt. Reginald F. Nicholson in command.

After trials in Puget Sound, Rowan was decomissioned on 1 May 1899. She was recommissioned on 23 April 1908 and on 21 June she departed Bremerton, Wash., for Mare Island. For the next year she cruised off the west coast, from the Canadian border to Magdalena Bay, Mexico, as a unit of the 3d Torpedo Flotilla. Then assigned to the Reserve Torpedo Group at Mare Island, she resumed operations with the torpedo flotilla in December 1909 and continued that duty until 1912.

Rowan was decommissioned at Mare Island on 28 October 1912. Her name was struck from the Navy list the following day and her hulk was sold for scrap on 3 June 1918.