From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Wieringen (Id. No. 2547)

Wieringen-formerly named Burgemeesters' Jacob-was a 7,400-ton steel-hulled freighter built at Stockton, England, in 1902, by the firm of Ropner and Son. Inspected by the United States Navy in the 3d Naval District on 30 March 1918 for possible service as a depot collier, she was designated Id. No. 2547. Although not taken over by the Navy, she was armed on 2 November 1918 and assigned a naval armed guard crew to man the one 4-inch and one 3-inch gun mounted on the vessel. This armament and the attendant gunners were removed on 8 March 1919.
Transcribed: epm 5/9/1998