From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Wieldrecht (Id. No. 2519)

(Tanker:dp. 7,350; l. 340': b. 47.3'; dr. 20'11" (aft); s. 10 k.; cpl. 95; a. 1 5", 1 3")

Wieldrecht (Id. No. 2519)-a tanker built in 1913 by the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij at Rotterdam in the Netherlands for Ph. van Ommeren's company N. V. Maatschappij Stoomschip Wieldrecht -was seized by United States customs officials at New York City early in 1918 under the right of angary and was commissioned there on 4 April 1918. However, she was soon decommissioned and turned over to the United States Shipping Board (USSB) which operated her until June. She was returned to the Navy and was commissioned again at Montevideo, Uruguay, on 17 June 1918 for service in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Comdr. William B. Wells in command.

After refitting at New York, Wieldrecht arrived at Norfolk where she took on a cargo of fuel oil and departed that port on the 5th with a convoy bound for France. She reached Brest on 24 July, discharged her cargo, and sailed again with a homeward-bound convoy on the 26th. The tanker entered New York on 20 August and made repairs for the remainder of the month. On 3 September, she headed south to Norfolk to load more fuel oil to join another convoy bound for Europe. She passed between Capes Charles and Henry on 7 September and headed across the Atlantic. The ship entered Brest on 25 September and, the following day, moved to La Pallice, where she discharged her fuel oil. On 8 October, Wieldrecht started back across the Atlantic once more. After arriving at New York 16 days later, she made repairs, loaded her third cargo of fuel oil for American forces in France, and got underway on 4 November. She arrived at La Pallice on the 24th and remained there until 17 December when she began her homeward voyage. Wieldrecht reached New York on 5 January 1919 and loaded one final cargo for Europe. The tanker exited New York harbor on 12 February and proceeded to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She arrived early in March, discharged her cargo, and set sail on the return voyage on the 19th. Wieldrecht stood into New York harbor on 4 April.

On 8 April 1919, Wieldrecht was decommissioned and turned over to the United States Shipping Board at Philadelphia. Two days later, she was returned to her Dutch owners. She served in mercantile service under the Dutch flag until 1930 when her name disappeared from the mercantile lists.

Transcribed: epm 5/9/1998