From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


The muse of history in Greek mythology.


AK: l. 332' b. 44'4" dr. 19' s. 10 k.

The first Clio (No. 2578) was built in 1910 by Werfte Voorh Rijkee and Co., Rotterdam, Holland; seized by Customs officials at Key West, Fla., under the 20 March 1918 Presidential Proclamation; transferred to the Navy from the Shipping Board 21 March 1918; and commissioned 3 April 1918, Lieutenant Commander D. M. Helle, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Clio sailed from Key West 5 April for Havana, Cuba, arriving the next day. She departed Cuba 15 April and arrived 4 days later at New Orleans, La., where she was placed out of commission and returned to the Shipping Board 23 April 1918.

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