From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


One who issues an invitation to a contest.

AK: dp. 16,100 (n.) l. 410' b. 56'

dr. 30' s. 11 k. cpl. 70

Challenger (No. 3630), a cargo ship, was built in 1918 by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, Calif., under a Shipping Board contract; transferred to the Navy 4 October 1918; commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commander G. T. January, USNRF, in command; and reported to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service.

Challenger cleared San Francisco 9 October 1918 for Mejillones and Antofagasta, Chile, where she loaded nitrates. Sailing on to deliver her cargo at Pensacola, Fla., 11 December, Challenger was next ordered to New Orleans to load cotton and steel for the French government. She was transferred to J. H. W. Steele Co. for operation. After a voyage in January and February 1919, carrying cargo to France to supply the Army of Occupation, Challenger returned to Baltimore, Md. She was decommissioned there 2 May 1919, and returned to the Shipping Board the same day.

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