From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Gaius Cassius Longinus (?-42 B.C.) was a Roman general, and conspirator against Caesar.

AC: t. 2,182 l. 351'1" b. 43' dr. 26'

Cassius , a collier, was built in 1883 by Reiherstieg, Hamburg, Germany, as Rhaetia; purchased by the Navy 24 May 1898; converted at Norfolk Navy Yard; commissioned 6 June 1898, Commander S. W. Very in command; and reported to the North Atlantic Fleet.

Cassius carried coal locally at Norfolk through the Spanish-American War. On 11 October 1898, she cleared for a cruise of Caribbean and Brazilian ports, carrying coal for ships serving in those waters. She called at Bahia, Brazil; Barbados Island, West Indies; and St. Thomas, V.I.

Returning to Norfolk 13 December 1898, Cassius was decommissioned 29 December 1898. She was refitted for use as a transport, and sold to the War Department 16 September 1899. She was renamed Sumner by the Army.

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