From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Merchant name retained.

AK: dp. 9,500 l. 394' b. 50'3"

dr. 25' s. 13 k. cpl. 70

Carrillo (No. 1406), a cargo ship, was built in 1911 by Workman, Clarke and Co., Belfast, Ireland; acquired by the Navy 16 September 1918 from the Shipping Board; commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commander A. D. Livingston, USNRF, in command; and reported to the Cruiser and Transport Force.

Supporting American forces in France, Carrillo made four voyages to France carrying meats, motor trucks, aviation supplies, and artillery. On 15 April 1919 she returned to Staten Island, N.Y., from the final voyage, and on 28 April she was decommissioned. Carrillo was returned to the Shipping Board 8 May 1919.

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