From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


A native of Carolina.

AK: b. 50'2"

dr. 23'11" s. 9 k. a. 2 x 4"

Carolinian (No. 1445), a freighter, was built in 1906 by Furness-Withy Co., West Hartlepool, England; known as Harley and Southerner before her acquisition by the Navy 5 October 1918; and commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commander W. M. Fralic, USNRF, in command.

Carolinian operated in European waters, based at Cardiff, from her commissioning until 8 February 1919, carrying coal from Cardiff and other English ports to France for use by Army transports coaling at French ports. She sailed for Newport News with return cargo for the Army, and after stopping in the Azores for voyage repairs, arrived at Baltimore 12 March to discharge her cargo and start inactivation. She was decommissioned 22 March 1919 and returned to the Shipping Board the same day.

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