From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Bignonia is a genus of woody vines, popularly called the trumpet vine.

(ScTug: T. 321; l. 131'; b. 22'; dr. 10'8"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 50; a. 1 30-pdr. R., 2 12-pdr. S. B.)

Bignonia, a screw tug, was built in 1863 at Cleveland, Ohio, as Mary Crandy; purchased by the Navy 2 August 1864; and commissioned 14 September 1864, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant W. D. Roath in command.

Until April 1865, Bignonia served with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron as a tug. She was reassigned to the West Gulf Blockading Squadron in April 1865. Ordered to return to New York in May 1865, she was decommissioned there and sold 12 July 1865.