From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships



An Indian tribe of California.


(AT - 147; l. 164'; b. 29'; s. 11 k.)


Esselen (AT-147), was built as New York by Harlan and Hollingsworth Co., Wilmington, Del., in 1893, acquired by the Navy on 18 June 1943, and commissioned on 21 August 1943, Lieutenant F. H. Watts in command.

Esselen was assigned to duty in the 10th Naval District, where she towed barges, and performed the multitude of small but important tasks with which tugs support the other ships of the fleet. After being employed in the Caribbean on this duty for over a year, she was reclassified ATO-147 on 15 May 1944. Esselen sailed north to New York where she was decommissioned on 11 November 1944, and turned over to the War Shipping Administration.


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