Alameda is the name of a city and a county in California

(AO-10: dp. 14,450; l. 446'; b. 58'; dr. 25'6"; s.11kts.; cpl. 90; a. 2 5")

    Alameda (AO-10) was launched for the Shipping Board 15 July 1919 by William Cramp and Sons Ship and Engine Building Co.,  Philadelphia, Pa.; sponsored by Mrs. Richard G. Widdows; transferred to the Navy 17 October 1919: commissioned the same day, Commander M. P. Nash, USNR, in command; and reported to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service.
    Until November 1921 Alameda operated along the east coast and made several voyages to the Mediterranean and Adriatic. On 19 November 1921, while 30 miles off Cape Henry, Va., she had to be abandoned because of an explosion in her fire room. She remained afloat, however, and was towed to Norfolk the following day.
    Alameda was decommissioned 29 March 1922 and sold 9 August 1922.

Transcribed by James Foote, Poughkeepsie NY