From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Boreas is the north wind personified as a god in Greek mythology.

(AF-8: dp. 4654; l. 416'10"; b. 53'2"; dr. 26'5"; s. 11 k.; cpl. 244; a. 2 5"; cl. Arctic)

Boreas (AF-8) was launched in 1919 as Yaquina by Moore Shipbuilding Co., Oakland, Calif., for the Shipping Board; transferred to the Navy 6 December 1921; laid up in reserve at Philadelphia Navy Yard until 1940; commissioned in ordinary 6 August 1940; outfitted at Todd-Robbins Dry Dock and Repair Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.; and fully commissioned 24 March 1941, Commander G. M. O'Rear in command.

Boreas joined the Base Force, Pacific Fleet 1 May 1941 for duty as a storeship. Between 15 June 1941 and 9 December 1942 she completed ten trips between San Francisco and Pearl Harbor. Between January 1943 and August 1945 Boreas made seven more voyages into the Pacific. During this time she carried out logistic missions to the Hawaiian, Marshall, Caroline, Marianas, Solomon, Admiralty, Volcano, and New Hebrides Islands. She also visited New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Okinawa.

With the cessation of hostilities Boreas made one voyage in support of the Far Eastern occupation of Okinawa and Japan, remaining there until 20 November 1945. She then returned to the United States, arriving at Norfolk 19 January 1946. The ship was decommissioned 15 February 1946 and sold through the Maritime Commission 18 July 1946.