Lorain County

A county in northern Ohio.

(LST-1177: dp. 3,660; l. 446'; b. 62'; dr. 18'; s. 17 k.; cpl. 844; a. 6 3"; cl. Suffolk County)

Lorain County ( LST-1177) was laid down 9 August 1956 by the American Shipbuilding Co., Lorain, Ohio launched 22 June 1957; sponsored by Mrs. Albert D. Baumhart, Jr., wife of Gongressman Baumhart of Ohio and commissioned at New Orleans 3 October 1958, Lt. Comdr. Robert E. Du Bois in command.

This larger, air-conditioned, and even more versatile version of the World War II Landing Ship, Tank, con ducted its shakedown out of Little Creek, Va., and in January 1969 joined PhibRon 6 for the first of many landing exercises on Onslow Beach, N.C. On 31 July her squadron steamed from Morehead City, N.C., with ma rines embarked for Mediterranean deployment with the 6th Fleet. Returning to Little Creek 10 February 1961, she concentrated on training with marines

Each year she served several months with the Carib bean Ready Squadron. Such training proved its value during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis when fully loaded Lorain County remained on standby in the Caribbean from 22 October to 16 December. Castro's revolutionary pronouncements and his act of shutting off the Guan tanamo water supply prevented any true relaxation of tension in the area, and in June 1965. Lorain Courty carried a marine heavy artillery company to Guantanamo.

Her Caribbean training in 1966 was highlighted by a visit to Aruba, Netherlands West Indies with PhibRon 4. 1967 saw further Caribbean training and landing exer cises, and deployment to the Mediterranean from 30 March to 24 May. After further operations in the Caribbean in early 1968, Lorain County, began overhaul at Norfolk on 24 June. On 2 December she left the yard and prepared for refresher training into 1969.