From Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol. V (1979), pp. 8

(LST-1064: dp. 1,625; l. 232'8"; b. 50'; dr. 11'2"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 266; a. 8 40mm., 12 20mm.; cl. LST-511)

LST-1064 was laid down 9 January 1945 at Bethlehem Hingham Corp., Hingham, Mass., Launched 14 February 1945; and commissioned 12 March 1945, Lt. Leland H. Austin in command.

Following shakedown in the Chesapeake Bay area, LST-1064 loaded a cargo of ammunition at Earle, N.J., and sailed for the Pacific war front, reaching Ulithi, 23 June 1945. As the end of the war approached, LST Group 99 advanced its operations to the Philippines and at Leyte LST-1064 transferred her cargo to fleet ships while loading new supplies and embarking units of an air service group destined to strengthen the occupation forces in Japan. Two voyages to Yokohama took place between 4 October and 19 November before arrival of orders to return home.

Christmas at Saipan, New Year's Day on the high seas and before the end of January 1946, liberty in California. After one year of service, inactivation commenced at Astoria, Ore., culminating 21 August when LST-1064 decommissioned. Named Nansemond County 1 July 1955, the landing ship was slated for disposal 17 September 1959. Purchased by Japan in April 1961 under the terms of the Military Assistance Program, she sails now as the Shiretoko.