From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships


Barrow is a county in Georgia.

(APA-61: dp. 4,247; l. 426'; b. 58'; dr. 16'; s. 16.9 k.; cpl. 320; a. 1 5"; cl. Gilliam)

Barrow (APA-61) was launched 11 May 1944 by Consolidated Steel Co., Wilmington, Calif., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Miss Ruth N. LaFrance; acquired by the Navy 27 September 1944; and commissioned the following day, Lieutenant Commander H. Jorgensen, USNR, in command.

Barrow departed San Pedro, Calif., 23 October 1944 for Pearl Harbor where she engaged in amphibious training exercises until December. She then carried men and equipment to Tinian and Guam, Marianas Islands, and returned to Pearl Harbor. On 27 January Barrow got underway from Pearl Harbor and, after training exercises in the Marshall and Marianas Islands, arrived off Iwo Jima 19 February. The ship participated in the assault on Iwo Jima, departing the area 1 March for Saipan.

On 27 March Barrow departed Saipan for Okinawa. Arriving in the combat area 1 April, she took part in diversionary feints off southeastern Okinawa and the next day began unloading her cargo. By the 9th the unloading of cargo had been completed and all troops disembarked and Barrow headed for Saipan.

Barrow got underway 4 June from Saipan for the Solomon and New Hebrides Islands. At the latter, she loaded cargo for Tinian and Guam. On 15 July 1945 Barrow departed Guam and arrived at San Francisco Bay 30 July.

Following repairs Barrow sailed 29 August 1945 to Samar (17 September) and Manila (22 September). She returned to the United States 17 October 1945. During the voyage she assisted the disabled merchantman Ben F. Dixon, embarking her passengers and taking her in tow until relieved by ATR-73.

Between 2 December 1945 and 4 January 1946 Barrow steamed to Manila with naval personnel and then embarked passengers for Pearl Harbor, arriving 5 February. Until May 1946 she transferred those personnel to various commands and stations. Barrow was then assigned to Transport Division 92, JTF 1, as a target vessel for Operation Crossroads and arrived at Bikini Atoll 30 May Cameras and various pieces of equipment were placed on board for the atomic tests. Following the tests Barrow was decommissioned 28 August 1946 at Bikini Atoll and scuttled 11 May 1948.

Barrow received two battle stars for her World War II service.