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(APA-213: dp. 14,837; l. 465'; b. 82'; dr. 24'; s. 17.7 k.; cpl. 567; a. 1 5", 12 40mm. cl. Haskell; T. VC2-S-AP6)

Mountrail (APA-213) was built under Maritime Commission contract by Permanente Metals Corp., Richmond, Calif.; launched 20 September 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Margaret H. Marshall; and commissioned 16 November 1944, Comdr. R. R. Stevens in command.

Following shakedown, Mountrail embarked troops at Seattle and sailed for the Philippines 10 January 1945. Reaching Leyte Gulf 21 February, she put to sea with men of the 77th Infantry Division for amphibious training off Leyte before departing San Pedro Bay 21 March to join a convoy for the Okinawa invasion. She arrived off Kerama Retto 26 March. While she landed troops 2 April, her gunners shot down three planes.

Mountrail departed Kerama Retto and arrived San Francisco 22 May to load troops for the Philippines, whom she disembarked at Manila. Returning San Francisco 5 August, she sailed with more troops, landing them at Batangas, Luson, 11 September. At Leyte Guli she took on occupation troops whom she landed at Hakodate, Japan, 4 October. then carried Marines from Japan to Tsingtao, China, before sailing for home 5 November. She decommissioned 12 July 1946 and entered the Paciflc Reserve Fleet at Stockton, Calif.

With the outbreak of the Korean conflict, Mountrail recommissioned 9 September 1950, and sailed 22 December for the Far East to carry men between Japan and Korea until returning San Diego 2 August 1961. On 28 May 1952, she sailed for her second tour of duty with the 7th Fleet operating between Hong Kong and Korea for the next 6 months. On 14 October she joined in the feint off Bolo, Korea, which tricked the Communists completely.

She returned to Long Beach in December and trained on the west coast until sailing for Japan 28 November 1953. She sailed between the Philippines and Japan until August. when she Joined operation "Passage to Freedom," the massive evacuation of refugees from North to Sonth Vietnam. She returned to Long Beach 9 October 1954, and decommissioned 1 October 1955 to return to reserve.

Mountrail recommissioned 22 November 1961 and sailed to join Amphibious Squadron 12, Atlantic Fleet. During training, she operated in the Atlantic and Carribbean, strengthening Ameriean forces at Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban Missile Crisis of fall 1962. In October and November 1964 she took part in NATO landing exercises in southern Spain, and 8 February 19e5 she left Norfolk for her flrst deployment with the 6th Fleet. She took part in exercises off Norway in June, and July, returning Norfolk 20 July.

Into 1969, Montrail has continued annual deployments with the 6th Fleet, strengthening the amphibious capability of this bulwark of freedom in the Mediterranean.

Mountrail received one battle star for World War II service and three for Korean service.